Beginners Tips for Meditating

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When we are under stress, it is difficult to think clearly and our thoughts and fears can be overwhelming. This state of mind is unhealthy both mentally and physically. Meditation will reset your mind and body to be more calm and clear headed. 

You can meditate any time of day. It is ideal, however, to do it in the morning so you start the day with clarity, confidence and intent. Whatever time you do it, I suggest setting a timer for 10 minutes and commit to sitting with your eyes closed until the alarm goes off. As you continue practicing, you can increase the time. Even ten minutes will make a difference in how you feel. Try it! You have nothing to lose and more peace to gain. 

Try not judge whether you are “doing it right” or not, just focus only on relaxing. You are simply taking time to care for yourself. You deserve to feel safe and calm.

If you have questions, concerns or struggles, please feel free to contact me. I’m happy to help you.

Enjoy the peace and positive energy as you strive to include this healthy practice in your life. You’re worth it!!!

Here are some tips if you are just starting out: 

Sit comfortably in a chair or cross legged if that is comfortable for you. On a scale of 1-10, how anxious are you feeling? Be sure that your back is straight, your head is relaxed and both feet are on the floor. Your hands can rest on your thighs or knees. Palms up to receive energy or down to focus inward (or whatever is comfortable at the moment). Jiggle your jaw a little bit to release tension. You can also release your tongue from the roof of your mouth if that relaxes you more.

You can tun on “spa” music or sit silently. Ideally, quiet or soothing sounds like ocean waves or rain are best when starting out.

Begin by taking slow, very deep breaths. Fill your lungs completely for a count of 4. Exhale to the count of 5 or more. Do this several times. This will signal your body to relax. 

With each exhale imagine your body relaxing more and more, especially your shoulders- allow them to slide down away from your ears and sink into your shoulderblades. 

Imagine your body becoming warm, relaxed and heavy. 

After about 5-8 deep slow breaths, begin to allow yourself to breathe normally and peacefully, almost as if you are trying to fall asleep.  Your slower breath can become the breeze or the ocean waves coming ashore or whatever calms you.

With your eyes closed, focus your attenion on the “3rd eye”- the space between your eyes. When thoughts, sounds or distress of any sort come in, just let them pass through and picture them move out of your body and brain as you exhale them out. Imagine the thoughts dissapating into the universe. You can retrieve them later when you go about your day, but for now just release them. Allow yourself this time to take a break from worries and relax completely. 

Whenever you are ready, enter a safe, calm place in your mind. It can be somewhere you imagine or a familiar place. Anywhere that is peaceful to you. Try to allow yourself to fully be there – imagine colors and sounds, and feel what is around you. Smell the air. Become aware of all of your senses in this place and enjoy how peaceful you feel there. 

Release and exhale any negativity, if there is any remaining, and breathe in the positive energy around you.

After you are relaxed in your calm place, your options are completely up to you. It is a good time to give yourself what you need. Trust yourself.

Here are some common practices:

  1. Positive affirmations- tell yourself  what you know to be true about yourself when the negative messages aren’t there. Some examples:  I am safe.  I am a good person.  My best is good enough.  I am stronger than my fears.  I deserve to be at peace. Repeat the messages to yourself silently. 
  2. Ask your higher power, God, the universe, or some other spiritiual being or force for what you need or desire in your life.  For example, a sense of peace or safety, a healthier lifestyle, patience, focus, positive energy, belief in self, acceptance, confidence in career, or more clarity about a specific concern or problem, etc. I  encourage you to only focus one thing or smaller parts of your overall request. For example- if you are wanting to have a better relationship with your teen you might first ask for that, then narrow the desire to patience, to listen more, or to have less conflict and more cooperation in the relationship.
  3. Mentally say a word that you wish for like peace, calm, acceptance, love, etc. This word will gain power and meaning as you say it with each breath. 
  4. Visualize what you desire. For example, you can picture yourself covered in a warm blanket of love that hugs you and brings you peace and allows you to feel loved, accepted and relaxed. If you are concerned about or are grieving a loved one, imagine them happy and healthy with a smile on their face. 

Again, let go of thoughts that enter your mind – they will come and go. It is impossible to not have thoughts, but you have the ability to let them pass and go back to relaxing.  It takes some practice. Be patient and you will notice a difference quickly.

After meditating, notice how you feel from 1-10.  Compare it to how you felt before you started.  This can be very motivating, because the difference can be quite remarkable. 

Plan and set a time for the next time you meditate.


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